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  • “Impossible Map Out of the Basement, Colorado Review, Issue 44.3, Fall 2017

  • “ER 11 and “The Palio Returns, Third Coast,  Spring 2017

  • “Group Therapy,The Journal, Issue 41.1, Winter 2016-2017

  • “Sabra,” Southern Indiana Review, Issue 23.1

  • “Ars Poetica, Cataracts,” Day One, Issue 3.40

  • “The Cartographer’s Daughter,” Mid-American Review, Issue 35.1


  • “All This, & Love Too,Fifth Wednesday Journal (FWJ) Plus , November 2017 MENA Issue

  • Translations (Hebrew): “Everything, by Larisa Miller and “Within Me, by Anat Levin, Waxwing, Issue XII, Summer 2017

  • “Polyps, BOAAT, May/June 2017

  • “Echidna Speed Dating, Hobart, November 2017

  • “Hurricane Hunt, “Cycles in the Night, “Title IX,DIAGRAM, Issue 16.5 Erasures Special Edition

  • “Dual Citizen,” Lilith, Fall 2016

  • “Klezmers on Tour,” Ninth Letter Online, Summer 2016

  • “Self-Portrait as Cardamom,” “Words and Phrases to Learn,” “Bed Bugs,” “On Walking,” Columbia Journal, March 2016

  • “A Visit to His Village,” The Ilanot Review, Issue 10

  • “Let Us Go, My Beloved,” Tupelo Quarterly, TQ3 Poetry Contest Finalist, Selected by Alicia Ostriker, Issue 3

  • “I Know You Sleep In A Bomb Shelter,” Dialogist, Issue 1.2

Photo of a Hebrew typewriter.


  • “Book Review: Monique W. Morris: Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools, New York, The New Press, 2016, 282 pp., ISBN: 978-1-62097-342-4"  Journal of Youth and Adolescence, October 2020

  • “Information About Title IX- Why Should You Care?“ Ferguson Law Blog, November 2017

  • “Microreview: Rickey Laurentiis' Boy with Thorn,“ Indiana Review Blog, January 2016


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